Ducks In A Row.


I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’m not really that organized. Don’t get me wrong, I have some great ideas for organization, but I’m just not organized enough to implement them myself. Sure I could go with the 3 kids, too many businesses and even more hobbies excuse, but really and truly, there are other wasy that I prefer to spend my time rather than organizing the kids’ vast collection of toys. But thanks to Ikea and my OCD friend Jamie, The Domestic Guru, I can be the most organized girl in the world.

You see, my kids, like most peoples’, have a mind boggling amount of toys. And what’s more, for some reason, the majority of them are about as small as a quarter: lego, tiny babies and dogs. All things that are painful to stand on in the middle of the night, and even more painful to keep tidy. In comes Ikea. I saw the Trofast series (just love those names) in a magazine, but unfortunately Ikea Denver only opens in September (believe me, I am stalking them) and some of the items I wanted either had steep shipping charges or weren’t available online. Well, it just so happens that I was driving from Denver to the Sundance Film Festival, and 50 minutes away in Salt Lake City, is an Ikea.

It was a hair-raising journey, even though my Dad, who came with me, is bald. But with only about 45 minutes to shop, since we had a cocktail party to get back to, we tore off to Salt Lake, avoided the Mormons, and flew into Ikea, yelling at staff members for the Children’s section, sidestepping the meatballs and those lines that cleverly guide you from one tiny, compact room to the next. We jumped over the Hemnes beds, leapt over the Kivik sofas and skirted around the Akurum cabinets. Somewhere along the way my dad managed to grab one of those flat cart thingies, and I clutched a pencil and notepaper. I felt a bit  like I was going to play a speed round of mini-golf.

By the time we got to the checkout, where the gentleman asked if we were setting up a school, we had a cart piled sky high with plastic tubs and not much of an idea how to get them into my car. Thankfully we managed to bribe another nice man (they are very nice in Salt Lake City) with a case of Vuka (which we had no space for anyway) and while my dad stood under a shelter to protect his perm (did I mention that he’s bald and clearly not very handy?), this chap and I performed a miracle of engineering as we wrangled way too much Swedish Ikea into the back of a German SUV. 50 mintues later we were winding our way back to Park City, and spent the next two days peering over the mountain of plastic tubs in the back of my car.

I think it’s amazing. And I love how I can’t see any of the junk piled up. And I love how on the other side of the room (pic on the left) we created cubes with each of the kids’ names on, so they can stash their special toys in a place of their own. That in itself has saved a lot of heartache and WWF  smackdowns for proof of Hexbug owenership. The blue things (on the very left of the left pic) by the way, are old gym lockers that I bought several years ago on eBay. They cost $150 (although triple that to ship, as Darian won’t let me forget) and they house all of our art supplies. I lub dem!

And so, that’s the story of how I got all of my ducks in…well, an Ikea tub.


About baciamille

I'm Alexia, Alex, Lexi or Lex, depending on who you are. I'm mom to Mia, Maxim and Milan, wife to Darian, the co-creator and CEO known as Fancy Pants at Vuka Energy Drinks. I'm a marathon running, triathlete, musician and writer, wanna be rock star, all time actress, creative, vocal and sometimes just a little crahayzy. I think that's all. One day I plan to spend most of my time on a boat in the Carribean. Oh, and baciamille means a thousand kisses in Italian. I don’t know any other words in Italian.
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One Response to Ducks In A Row.

  1. mary says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!! cannot WAIT for ikea. i prepare to be broke.

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